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Join a technology driven firm 

We are constantly testing and putting into play the latest in technology. We currently employ data science techniques, AI, and RPA in our services, which results in greater efficiencies and accuracy. We seek out candidates that are flexible, seek to improve current processes through the use of technology and are open to challenge. All while providing solutions to our clients.

 We have built a family environment and offer several benefits that go unmatched by larger firms. We provide all that an employee needs to be successful. If you would like to join our family and participate in our success, we encourage you to apply.


We offer a full suite of benefits and work flexibility that set us apart from the competition and provide you the peace of mind you deserve.

We offer salary options that tailor your compensation to your needs. Our options include:


  • For those that like higher salaries and appreciate a challenge during busier times of the year, we offer a highly competitive salary that includes a premium in exchange for working overtime.

  • For those that want to work full-time, but not the overtime, we offer the option to opt-out of overtime.

  • For those that like the best of both worlds, we also offer the option of banking overtime in exchange for more time off. 


These options allow for our professionals to tailor their career around their life. Options are elected at the beginning of the year and may be modified each year.

Health & Wellness
Work-Life Balance
Other Perks

Comprehensive Health Insurance

We pay the premiums in full for major medical (includes chiropractors, massage therapy, acupuncture, psychiatrist, and psychologists), dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage. 


Paid Disability Leave

Take time to recover from illness or injury with 60% of base pay.





Paid Time Off

Paid time off starting at fifteen days per year along with eight holidays and the ability to bank overtime in exchange for even more paid time off.


Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible hours, compressed work week during the summer, and remote work arrangements.

Professional Development and Education


Payment of Student Loans

We pay up to $5,000 per year of student loan debt and for those that do not have the 150-hour requirement, we also provide for up to $5,000 per year for attending accredited programs.


CPA Exam and Licensure

Paid time off to sit for your CPA exam, free use of Becker CPA study materials, reimbursement of costs for exam and licensing, plus bonuses for passing the exam within two years or less of employment.


Professional Certifications and Memberships

Reimbursement of costs for professional licenses, certifications, and membership in professional organizations.



Mentoring and coaching programs to provide guidance and growth in career and life.


Professional Development

Opportunities to participate in seminars, conferences, industry-specific trainings, and RSM’s continuing education curriculum.

Financial Planning


Employee Benefit Plan

Eligible after one year of service. We offer a 4% Safe Harbor Plan that allows for pre-tax or after-tax (Roth) contributions to a competitive line-up of investments.


Group Term Life Insurance

Group life insurance coverage equal to one year’s salary at no cost to you.


Disability Insurance

Disability insurance to provide for your future.



Overtime Meal Allowance

$15/day up to a max of $450/month meal subsidy when working more than 10 hours per day.


Cell Phone Subsidy

$50/month subsidy for senior associates with $100/month allowance for managers and above that use personal cell phones for business purposes.



Parking downtown, near the office in a safe and secure area.

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