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Beware of Social Media Tax Misinformation: Stay Informed with Verity CPAs

It's commendable that the IRS is staying current by highlighting the perils of tax advice on social media platforms like TikTok, which they've now listed as one of their notorious "Dirty Dozen" tax scams. This warning comes as no surprise as the spread of incorrect tax information can range from advocating illegal tax evasion to the improper application of legitimate tax-saving strategies such as hiring family members, the Augusta Rule, and bonus depreciation.

What's alarming is that even some tax professionals are contributing to the spread of these dubious strategies. As tax laws become increasingly complex, the risks of falling for misleading advice also rise. Therefore, the safest route is to consult directly with a reputable expert. At Verity CPAs, our seasoned tax professionals provide reliable, personalized advice to ensure your strategies are both effective and legally sound.

For guidance tailored to your specific situation, reach out to us at or call 808.546.5026.



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