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Tax Prep & Planning  Solutions

Taxes are constantly evolving on both a Federal and State scale. Being able to identify and help you plan for those changes is paramount to our tax services. We understand that most financial decisions and transactions made in one’s personal life, as well as, business has a tax implication. Monitoring and guiding those decisions are what set us apart. We will help you involve a strategy to help you manage your taxes effectively. We provide you with a customized plan that works best for you and your lifestyle. For business owners and executives, we also help you evaluate the tax consequences of your business and personal decisions, providing integrated guidance to retain more of your hard-earned wealth.


Tax Prep & Planning

Our trusted tax advisors’ will work with you to respond to every challenge that comes your way. Verity CPAs professionals keep up to date with evolving tax regulations and trends, allowing us to provide you with timely insight and tools and help you confidently handle challenges.

Tax Prep & Planning

Tax prep for individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, trusts, and benefit plans

Retirement plan structuring, setup, and administration

Deferred compensation structuring

Keyman life insurance policies

Additional planning to minimize taxes and maximize your profits

Meet the team in charge of Tax Prep. & Planning


Alicia Spencer

Tax & Accounting Services Partner

Kate Fernando

Tax & Accounting Services Manager

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