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Verity CPAs is proud to provide tax planning and compliance services

Verity CPAs offers the right solutions

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About Verity CPAs

Founded in 2012, Verity CPAs is a full-service Certified Public Accounting Firm located on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii. Verity CPAs is proud to provide tax planning and compliance services to independent workers on the Workz360 platform.  The Firm’s focus since inception has been serving entrepreneurs and individuals with proactive, reliable service, and guidance whenever needed—not just when your taxes are due. You can learn more about our professionals here.

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2. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with one of our professionals.

3. When its time to file your current year return, you will receive an online form to complete     along with instructions on how to upload documents to our secure portal.

4. We will prepare a draft of your return; in some instances, we may contact you about additional information or documentation.

5. You approve the return and electronically sign the e-file authorization form.

6. We will then sign and e-file with the proper taxing authorities (federal or state).

7. We will send you a confirmation when your tax return is accepted by the taxing authorities.

Verity CPA is licensed by the States of Hawaii and California Boards of Accountancy and is staffed with professionals that are professionally licensed as Certified Public Accountants in these states.


Tax Planning and Compliance for the Independent Worker 

While everyone is different and we can tailor our services to their needs, here are some of the ways others have found Verity CPAs to be helpful:

  • Reporting income from various sources or employers, either 1099 (contract); W-2 (employee) or more frequently, a combination of the two

  • Assistance in determining qualified business expense deductions to help reduce your tax liability

  • Filing various IRS forms for passive income such as rental properties, investments, etc…

  • Guidance on establishing qualified retirement plans suited for independent workers

  • General assistance on tax preparation 

  • Reminders about quarterly tax payments when needed 

​Getting Started and Overall Process

1. Provide your information using the form below.

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