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Unlocking Tax-Free Benefits: The Power of S-Corp Accountable Plans

Accountable Plans (AP) are a game-changer for S-Corp owners, offering a path to tax-free reimbursements for business expenses like home office costs. These plans, backed by Section 62(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, enable employees, including S-Corp owners themselves, to receive tax-free reimbursements on legitimate business expenses, effectively reducing taxable income while maintaining business expense deductions.


For an AP to be effective, it must satisfy three criteria: a clear business connection, accurate substantiation of expenses, and the return of any excess reimbursement. These requirements ensure that reimbursements are strictly for business-related expenses, properly documented, and free from abuse.


Incorporating an AP within your S-Corp isn't just about compliance; it's a strategic move to optimize your tax position. Most S-Corp owners leverage APs for home office reimbursements, delineating personal from business use and establishing a systematic reimbursement protocol.


However, the efficacy of an AP hinges on a well-drafted Written Policy, detailing the reimbursement process, eligible expenses, and submission timelines, ensuring everything is above board and tax-compliant.


Ready to integrate an Accountable Plan into your S-Corp? Verity CPAs can guide you through the intricacies, ensuring your plan is robust and IRS-compliant. Reach out to us at or 808.546.5026 for expert assistance.



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