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Audit & Assurance Solutions


Audit & Assurance

Our approach to audit and assurance services is simple ~ provide quality assurance services with meaningful and actionable recommendations for improving your current accounting systems and processes. We focus on identifying efficiencies in the audit process and minimalizing any disruption to your current operations.

May Include

Audits, reviews, compilations, and preparations

Exams, reviews, and agreed upon procedures

Internal and forensic audits

Litigation support

Wide variety of industries

Our approach to audit and assurance services leverages the latest in technology; we use the latest in data analytics and AI, integrating these resources into the audit process to streamline procedures results in an efficient audit and timely results. In addition, our partners and directors are actively involved in audit and assurance services ensuring the highest quality and quick responsiveness.


Our audit methodology, which, at a high-level, encompasses the following:


Pre-planning activities. If engaged and accepted, we gain an understanding of the Organization through meetings with management and the board, review of prior year audit documentation, and discussions with the predecessor auditor. 


Planning activities. Planning consists of performing preliminary analytical procedures, industry benchmarking, inquiries of management regarding unusual or significant trend variations. We would also assess risk, document our understanding of internal controls. We also agree to a timeline for completion of the audit and items to be provided during the audit.


Fieldwork. Fieldwork consists of onsite or remote testing of details, examination of source documents, and analytical procedures. This is scheduled in advance according to personnel availability. As a part of fieldwork, we conduct regular check-ins with executive management and the board to keep them updated on the status of the audit.

Reporting and wrap-up. Reporting and wrap-up consist of ensuring that the audit file is complete, all quality control reviews completed, addressing any additional comments or feedback from the board or management, and presenting our final report on the financial statements and internal controls to the board.

Meet the team in charge of Audit & Assurance

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MJ Saguid

Audit & Assurance


Paul Helfer

Audit & Assurance Services Partner

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